Vaughan Civic Centre

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Vaughan Civic Centre

The Vaughan Civic Center for the City of Vaughan is one of the largest Civic buildings ever built in Canada, a single building with a total area of 325,000.00 sq ft ( 30,193 m2 ). The building was notionally divided into three blocks with one block standing two stories and the other two blocks standing 4 stories. Each block was centered around a glass atrium.

The exterior cladding incorporates terracotta and double and triple glazed glass curtain wall. Granite was utilized for the exterior landscape and interior finishes. Interior spaces are finished in exposed concrete, oak panels, terrazzo and oak floors and carpet tile. Offices have raised floors. The Vaughan Civic Center is LEED Gold certified.

  • Institutional


  • City of Vaughan


  • Vaughan


  • June 2014


  • $104,913,248.00

    Contract Value