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Maystar Celebrates Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week is put on by the National Association of Women in Construction to promote women and their contributions to the construction industry. Maystar General Contracting is extremely proud of our diverse work environment and we have spent the week of March 8, 2021, celebrating and supporting our female employees. We’re doing so by highlighting different, unique, and amazing qualities that each of those women on our team brings to our company.

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One of the goals of this week is to spread awareness of the new opportunities that have become available for women within the construction industry. We recognize the value of our female employees and encourage all women to consider whether a career in the construction industry is right for them. The role of women in construction has drastically changed and will continue to show a mix of diversity and an increase of female employees to join the industry in the coming years. 

Here are some tips on getting started and succeeding in the construction industry:

  • Do your research
    • Look into different possible positions and what they entail
  • Take the initiative
    • Send your resumes into different construction companies
  • Connect with a woman in your preferred field
    • Use LinkedIn to start networking
  • Attend online construction seminars/lectures
    • Gain knowledge and information
  • Ignore Stereotypes

Maystar strives to maintain our welcoming, talented, and diverse workplace. We believe a career in construction offers a variety of benefits, both financially and with career growth. The recognition of Women in Construction is just one of the ways in which we celebrate our team members, show our commitment to equal opportunity, and promote careers for all in construction.